Setting up the ActionTec DSL-Modem / Router for QWest DSL

Note: The ActionTec DSL-Modem can be connected by Ethernet or Usb. The easiest and most desirable method is Ethernet. Use this method if the computer has an ethernet card.
For ActionTec modems flashed with newer firmware click here.
For ActionTec modems with the firmware from Spring 2006 click here.
If you are using a "Two-Wire" modem (not an ActionTec) click here.

1. Connect the power supply, phone line, and ethernet cable to the modem. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the computer.

2. On the computer make sure the Network Connection is enabled and set to DHCP. Open up Internet Explorer (or any other web browser) on the computer and go to the following web site "". This is the IP address for the modem. The following screen will display on the web browser:

3. Click on "Setup / Configuration". The following screen will display:

4. Click on "Begin Basic Setup" (note: to check existing settings you an click on "Advanced Setup").
The following screen will display:

5. Click on Next. The following screen will display:

6. Enter the correct Username and Password where shown. The Radio buttons should match the settings displayed. Click on "Next:. The following screen will display:


7. Click on "Save and Restart". The following screen will display:

8. All of the lights on the modem / router will go out after a few seconds as it reboots. The "Power" and "Ethernet" lights will go green first. The "DSL" light will blink for 1 to 2 minutes and then become solid green. Shortly after that, the "Internet" light will turn red and then become solid green. Once the "Internet" light turns green you are done and the computer should be on the internet.

9. If an ethernet port is not available on the computer, then you have to do things the hard way using the disk provided with the modem and the usb cord/slot.